Where's Your Satiety Guyenet? 1

Where’s Your Satiety Guyenet?


Perhaps, the most severe of the to my intense pity is the acceptance of insulin as a satiety hormone. This is complete bollocks and, thankfully, some deleted-expletive person in obesity research has opened up my eye to this finally. The gift was from Dr Guyenet of course. Let’s feed some rats standard crapinabag and inject one group with nothing much, one with glargine insulin and another with detemir insulin. But here’s the secret.

Because we have been (mis) informed that insulin is a satiety hormone we would expect the insulin-injected rats should eat much less, consider less blah blah blah. I’ve seen this paper cited as displaying insulin can reduce putting on weight. By Dr Guyenet believe it or not. Who didn’t point out the graphs? Which is core to the paper.

Technically this implies that insulin will bugger all to diet and fat storage. This is hardly surprising as providing a sub-hypoglycaemic dose of insulin will simply attempt to lower blood sugar which will be avoided by reduction of endogenously produced insulin. Total insulin will remain the same. There will be subtleties of peripheral administration of portal secretion but I assume these are a bit too subtle for this study. There are also fascinating differences in duration of binding of detemir insulin to the insulin receptor as other insulins.

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Not amazing as it has a socking great fatty acid tagged using one end but that’s another group of stories. Ah, but think about the effect of detemir insulin on limiting fat gain of rats fed toffeefudgecheescake, and D12492? Okay, we’re now utterly persuaded that insulin limitations weight gain. Well, deter insulin will. Obviously glargine insulin doesn’t, as Dr Guyenet forgot to say when citing this paper. It produces a non-significant increase in weight over the vehicle treated handles.

Just for a giggle, consider changing the grams to go on graph imagine and of these rats as humans. Given a group size of 6-8 resulting in statistically no changes in fat mass, would you consider 5kg fat mass gain (a no change) on glargine, without eating any extra, non significant?

Now let’s look at section be in a bit more detail. The scholarly research is very, very carefully set up. Day The insulin and the D12492 were both begun on a single. It really is utterly convincing (to me) that deter insulin limits weight gain IN THE FIRST 7-10 DAYS of D12492 feeding.