MANUFACTURED IN Chelsea Star Louise Thompson Rapped For Breaching Ad Rules 1

MANUFACTURED IN Chelsea Star Louise Thompson Rapped For Breaching Ad Rules


Made in Chelsea celebrity Louise Thompson has apologized for breaching rules while promoting a facial clean product on Instagram. The 28-year-old has received a caution from the advertising watchdog for failing to identify an Instagram tale promoting a beauty brand as an ad. Thompson – a social press influencer – has 1.1million fans on Instagram, and regularly posts glamorous photos of herself going to luxury resorts, putting on skimpy swimwear, or tucking into hearty meals. But a story on the reality star’s Instagram web page on May 3 included a video of her displaying a facial clean product with the on-screen caption: ‘Obsessed with my glowspin!

Swipe up for 100 off using my code ‘louiseglow Swipe up amazing @vanityplanetstore’. An Instagram story posted on her behalf page in May included a video of her showing a clean product with a caption which stated ‘Obsessed with my glowspin! Someone complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the post had not been obviously identifiable as an advertisement.

The ASA said that both Louise Thompson and Vanity Planet were jointly responsible for ensuring that the promotion complied with advertising guidelines. Vanity Planet said it had not been the purpose to violate any advertising guidelines, adding that the company acquired now reworded agreements to state that influencers such as Thompson should ensure they fulfilled UK advertising criteria. However the truth TV superstar said she had been paid a fee to promote Vanity Planet, which there was no explicit responsibility required by Vanity Planet add ‘£ad’ or any other qualifier to the story plot post.

She apologized for the omission and said that in the future she would ensure that her posts on Instagram tales were properly labeled. But it is not the very first time that Thompson has provoked issues with her Instagram posts. In May 2017, she submitted a graphic of herself posing in a skimpy bikini and drinking margaritas ‘on tap’ while holidaying in Mexico, just hours after the terror attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. However she later explained that the ‘news hadn’t traveled’ to where she was keeping.

It’s also not the very first time she has been rapped for promoting products. In July this year, Instagram officials rapped her for utilizing a post to promote a wristwatch as she posed in a swimsuit, sipping from a coconut at an extravagance vacation resort. Thompson has previously been reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for failing to disclose that one of her Instagram articles was an ad, when she was promoting a wrist watch.

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