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Eating For Health


In January I wrote about the best diets. This is predicated on the U.S. News & World Report’s second position of many popular diets. As observed in previously (see blog publishing, January 15, 2012), they asked a combined group of 22 experts in their fields to rate the various diets. Just what exactly did these experts decide was the worse diet?

One of the worse diets to be on is the Paleo Diet. Perhaps you haven’t heard about it. Well, it seems well-liked by those centered on physical fitness and many people interested in fitness to continue this specific diet at the suggestion of some physical fitness expert. Odd that a person thinking about fitness and health would embark on a diet ranked as the worse diet to be on.

The diet is dependent on just what a cave man ate. Meat: . Since cave men were hunters, meat is certainly allowed. Fruits & vegetables: Cave men were also gatherers so plant foods such as vegetables and fruit are allowed. A primary feature of this diet is having less grains or dairy. Apparently, the dietary plan is dependant on what a cave man ate and since a caveman didn’t eat grains or dairy, they are missing from the Paleo Diet.

Grains: Breads, cereals, anything made from grains are on the “NO” list. The theory is that processed sugars and carbs will be the cause of many of our health problems. This logic doesn’t really explain why whole grains would be banned as there are not a refined carb or loaded with sugar. But cave men weren’t farmers, so didn’t grow grains.

For this reason, grains are prohibited. Dairy: Milk, mozzarella cheese, yogurt are on the “no” list because the cave man didn’t eat them so neither should you. THINK ABOUT the Nutritional Value of the Paleo Diet? So how does this diet stack up nutritionally? Not so well. There are a few good points.

  • Drink Up
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Promotes good health
  • Surgery (pancreatectomy)
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Reason for canceling
  • Green tea also includes a massive quantity of antioxidants called catechin

With all the fruits and vegetables it’s rather a diet with adequate fiber. Depending on the mixture of foods, it probably will be low in sodium than the typical American diet. Diet Rating: Professionals gave this specific diet only 2 stars (out of 5) for weight loss, short term, and long-term weight loss.

There just wasn’t worthwhile research that indicated the Paleo Diet offered sustainable long-term weight loss. The dietary plan was also rated poor (2 stars) to be easy to check out. When one restricts entire food groups such as dairy and grains, it is manufactured by it hard to follow. Because entire food groups are overlooked, the chance of dietary deficiencies such as a supplement or calcium mineral D deficiency are real concerns. Professionals also scored this specific diet as poor (2 stars) for safety. They rated the dietary plan as “somewhat unsafe”. Another commenter on the Paleo Diet is Dr. Donohue. He writes a medical column in our local newspaper and is syndicated nationally.

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