Obesity Resulting From High-fat, High-sugar Foods May Impair Brain, Fuel Overeating 1

Obesity Resulting From High-fat, High-sugar Foods May Impair Brain, Fuel Overeating


Davidson, a professor of psychology at AU also. Davidson published his research recently, “THE CONSEQUENCES of a High-Energy Diet on Hippocampal-Dependent Discrimination Performance and Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity Differ for Diet-Induced Obese and Diet-Resistant Rats,” in the journal Physiology & Behavior. Davidson, with Purdue University formerly, focuses his research on the hippocampus-the area of the brain accountable for memory space and learning. For this scholarly study, Davidson and his team trained rats given restricted access to low-fat “lab chow” on two problems-one that tested the rats’ hippocampal-dependent learning and memory space abilities and one which didn’t.

Once the training stage completed, the rats were put into two organizations: one group had unlimited access to the low-fat laboratory chow, as the other acquired unlimited usage of high-energy (high-fat/calorie) food. When both groups of rats again were provided the problems, the rats that became obese from the high-energy diet performed a lot more poorly than the non-obese rats do on the problem made to test hippocampal-dependent learning and memory. They tested exactly like the non-obese rats on the other problem. Interestingly, the non-obese rats group included rats from both low-fat laboratory chow group and the high-energy diet group.

But this isn’t a matter of some rats creating a super-high metabolism that allowed them eat to large amounts of the high-energy food and remain an acceptable weight. The hippocampus is accountable for suppressing memories also. Davidson’s findings are compatible with other studies finding a connection between human obesity in middle age and an increased odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive dementias later in life. As evidenced by contestants of NBC’s truth show “THE LARGEST Loser,” obese celebrities who undergo gastric by-pass surgery formerly, and other numerous types of extreme weight loss, it is possible for obese visitors to win the fight of the bulge. Unfortunately, the try to keep it off is, more than not often, a lifelong fight that requires long term changes in lifestyle. Davidson says this may be due partly to long term changes in the mind.

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What you are talking about is a hereditary algorithm (GA). Neural Networks don’t themselves try to use an evolutionary process like what you’re discussing to perform computation, nonetheless it is possible to use a hereditary algorithm to assist in improving a neural network. So it is understandable you might be confusing and conflating the two somewhat in your question, however they are unique entities. As your question mostly pertains to genetic algorithms, I’ll keep my answer to how they work in responding to your questions.

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First, a little of the primer. A genetic algorithm is a mechanism that attempts to discover a maximal0 means to fix a problem that has one or (most usually) more variables, where locating the maximal solution isn’t normally straight-forward to determine. Think of it just like a cooking problem where a arranged is got by you of ingredients, but don’t have any measurements, and need to find the right set of measurements to make something edible.

Flour, sugar, shortening, baking soda, egg, and salt can make a very tasty cookie in the right proportions — however in the wrong proportions would be an inedible clutter. A GA could be used to try to find out the best proportions of every ingredient to make something edible1. In this case, the variables are the measurements of every ingredient.