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Lifelong Learning Matters


Waking up feeling purposeless is incredibly frustrating. You look around, and see your friends and coworkers living passionate, engaged, meaningful lives. They have deep human relationships, rewarding careers, and a sense of the path that compel these to hop out of bed each morning with a spring in their step. You understand that God has something good waiting for you.

You don’t believe he intends one to live a life of painful drudgery in which every day is a complete drag. In the end, the Bible is chock filled with passages about pleasure. While this certainly doesn’t mean that every single day is a parade and circus, it does mean that an overall sense of gladness should permeate your daily life. How will you reach that accepted place? Where, rather than wandering aimlessly through life, you’re actually singing for joy (or simply making a joyful noise if you are not the singing type)? In this article, we’re going to first discuss some key indicators that you might not be living in the fullness of God’s purpose for you.

Then we’ll give some key recommendations for how to begin living a significant, enthusiastic, joyful life. Before we dive into this true point, we have to make at least one caveat. In one sense, you are always residing in God’s purpose. God is God and He works all things, together with your life, according to his purposes. Nothing can occur without God ordains it.

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Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me personally.” That is type in understanding God’s purpose for your daily life. God has numbered your days and will fulfill every purpose He has for you. However, our choices and activities really matter also.

In some ways, this is a secret we can’t grasp, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. We can choose to do stuff that will bring us more pleasure and give us more of a feeling of purpose. That is where we’re headed in this post. We want to help you identify those options you may make to bring more enthusiasm and God-given purpose into your life. But first, here are 6 signals that you don’t have much purpose in your daily life. You’re blatantly living in sin. Let’s start with the obvious here.

If you’re blatantly disobeying the Bible, you’re not residing in God’s purpose and you will certainly experience a sense of aimlessness in your life. That one is quite straightforward, so we won’t need to spend a lot of time here. You do not have pleasure and pleasure. If you wake up every day filled with apathy or dread or total boredom, you’re most likely not doing what you were meant to do. The quest for joy in God is not optional. It isn’t an “extra” that a person might develop into after he involves faith.

You don’t feel much fulfillment in life. If you start your day experiencing little fulfillment, you may be wandering from your God-given purpose. Fulfillment comes from doing rewarding, meaningful, purposeful things. From employment that taps into the skills and passions. From a relationship that involves giving and receiving. From hobbies that are invigorating of mind-numbing instead.

Yes, you’ll have to do certain things that are boring and unfulfilling, but if you are lifetime is gray, you will need a change probably. You work so that you don’t have to work. You know the sensation of pointless work. You go to the working office, clock in, do your task, go home and collapse in front of the television then.

You work for the weekends as well as for pension. All true pleasure you experience comes from things outside of work. From friends or hobbies or aspect careers. Could you say that a type or kind of pleasure characterizes your daily life and work? If not, you may need to rethink where you’re headed. If you frantically want a change but feel totally trapped in your life also, that’s probably a sign you are not walking according to God’s purpose. Those who are stuck want to visit in a specific direction but don’t know how to get there.