Obagi Nu-derm Results


There it was another unappealing, huge blemish on my cheek. I understood something needed to be done to regain my smooth, blemish free tone again. My generic, Walmart skin care products were no longer doing work for me; my skin had become immune with their efficiency. I didn’t know where you can go to find the right product or which product never to use on my face. So, I arranged down and did research on the web as to what is typically the most popular item. I finally came across Obagi skin care products. Unlike a great many other face washes, Obagi products were very promising in their safe ingredients and the long-term results.

Unlike many face cleansers, Obagi uses less harsh chemicals that irritate and dry the skin. Also, on the Obagi web page were many pictures of real results women experienced. They were fantastic. Immediately, I had been hooked. I used to be determined I was going to buy the Obagi Clenziderm acne products, but was careful regarding the effects of this powerful acne cleanser on my delicate skin.

Obagi products come with a warning that they must be used under medical assistance all the time. I tried to steer myself on my type of skin and medically, regarding to my esthetician (a licensced skin care provider), I was completely wrong. After studying the behavior of my skin, I thought I had fashioned dry skin.

I thought I had fashioned dry pores and skin because my face feels very tight and dry across the mouth and eye after cleaning it. However, down the road in the day I become oily along the t-zone area (from forehead along nasal area and chin). Since i’ve combination skin, I’ve deep blackheads along my chin and nasal area.

  1. Foundation and Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation or Covergirl
  2. 7 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina
  3. 7 years back from Alabama, USA
  4. 2 Kiwi Fruits
  5. 100% vegan, natural, and cruelty free
  6. 2 cups Borax
  7. Hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction)
  8. Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes”

I have tried every blackhead product from Biore pore strips to Neutrogena blackhead cleaners, and nothing at all has worked to remove them. For these good reasons, I chose Obagi Clenziderm would be perfect for my dry pores and skin and hard acne. However, while i met with my esthetician to make sure my self diagnosis would be good for my skin, she told me my skin was a totally different type. I possibly could have ruined my skin! Obagi can and probably will ruin your skin layer if you aren’t using the right product for your skin type.

She put me on Obagi Nu-derm for greasy AND sensitive pores and skin. My skin is not dried out, but dehydrated, indicating I do not drink daily the required amount of water. Being dehydrated may cause the tightness across the mouth and eyes after washing that person. I start by washing my face with the Obagi Foam Cleanser.

It makes my epidermis feel refreshed and clean. It had been thought by me would be ineffective because of the gentleness it got on my epidermis; but, unlike Walmart brand products, the foam cleanser cleans all the makeup from my face, the mascara even. My skin experienced no reaction to the real face wash; there is no tightness, dryness, or redness.

The smell of the face wash is pleasurable, and slightly tropical. The Obagi Toner is relaxing and light. Like the Foam Cleanser, it made my skin feel clean, yet moisturized. Unlike most toners with an alcoholic base, the toner will not leave my skin thirsty and dried out. It generally does not strip that person of natural oils.

Alcoholic toners will strip that person of your natural oils, and then your body tries to displace the oil causing your skin to over produce. When there is a higher oil production, there will be a growth in blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Next, A pea is utilized by me size amount of Obagi Clear.