Millionaire British Doctor Killed Ploughing Into Lorry In Thailand 1

Millionaire British Doctor Killed Ploughing Into Lorry In Thailand


A millionaire British doctor has been wiped out in a horror motor vehicle accident in Thailand after ‘fainting at the wheel’ simply a week after refusing to be accepted to medical center. Michael Hawkins, 87, was generating alone in his Mitsubishi Delica minivan when he ploughed in to the back of a parked lorry at around 12.30pm yesterday. The pensioner, originally from Woking, Surrey, who is continuing to grow up children, was killed instantly.

Rescue workers came and acquired to cut Mr Hawkins’s body from the wreckage. Officials are now investigating what triggered the smash in the Bang Pa-in District of Ayutthaya, 40 miles north of Bangkok. They said yesterday they believe Mr Hawkins was either using a phone during the accident or more likely that he fell asleep or lost consciousness while driving. Morning This, Mr Hawkins’s 90-year-old wife Salipan – that has contacts to the Thai Royal Family – was not at home as she acquired visited medical center to gather his body and set up a Buddhist funeral.

But speaking this morning at Mr Hawkins’s around £12million family estate, good friend Khun Wichian said the pensioner have been experiencing cardiomegaly recently, causing him to faint last week. He previously visited hospital the other day but defied requests from medics to be admitted – telling them he was ‘fine’ and returned home. Wichian said: ‘Michael and his wife are a sort and lovable few.

The family is honoured and well-known in Thai culture. Before the incident Michael wished to have maintenance done on his minivan, but the mechanic shop was closed on Sundays, so he made a decision to drive to Ayutthaya to buy some spares. His wife was very worried because she hadn’t noticed from him for two hours.

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Then the rescuer called her telling her that her hubby was seriously injured from a shocking motor vehicle accident. Her cousins offered to go directly to the hospital because she is very old and it might be harmful to her to see him for the reason that condition. But she also went. Is Cebu the new Bali?

Share ‘We knew that he previously passed on but we did not want to tell his wife until she reached a healthcare facility herself, as she’s very old and frail. Week Last, Michael also fainted in his own house. He was delivered to the hospital but refused to stay overnight there.

He said he was fine. So the family thought that he fainted while he was traveling as well again. Michael loved his pet parrots and he liked making model aeroplanes in his spare time. A worker from the Putthaisasawan Foundation who attended crash picture said in addition they believed Mr Hawkins acquired ‘dropped asleep or exceeded out’ at the wheel.

Mr Hawkins’s 90-year-old wife Salipan – that has cable connections to the Thai Royal Family – was at medical center to gather his body and organise a Buddhist funeral. We believe there are two possible known reasons for the crash. The driver may have been using his telephone at that time or he could have dropped asleep or transferred out. Mr Hawkins, who was also known as Mike, had his driving licence, business credit cards, a duplicate of his passport and 2060 Thai baht (£50) in cash on him. Business cards gave his address as a two-storey 1960s style home in central Bangkok, close to the city’s Jim Thompson silk museum.