THIS IS ACTUALLY THE Primer Voted THE VERY BEST In Australia By Thousands Of Women 1

THIS IS ACTUALLY THE Primer Voted THE VERY BEST In Australia By Thousands Of Women


This product is a mist that helps to refresh your skin and finish makeup with a matte surface finish while the engine oil absorbing ingredients help to set makeup and mattify skin area. It could be used under makeup for a matte foundation or over makeup to reduce glow. The spray works to instantly soothe and invigorate the skin while instantly maintaining and mattifying petrol.

A light, oil-free emulsion that helps conceal obvious pores while handling engine oil,’ the brand has said. Applies “wet” for a soothing micro-exfoliation; dries to set-up an invisible instantly, long-lasting natural matte carry out. Around the Mecca website it has a 3.9 legend status out of five, with customers showing their honest thoughts on the merchandise. I’ve bought this a few times and think it’s great!

I spray it on before my makeup and after and it will keep my face matte all day. I will suggest shaking it really well before using normally you get white areas,’ one shopper published. An other woman said that although she was really sceptical at first she was soon gained over by the product.

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