How Should We Summarize Budget 2019? 1

How Should We Summarize Budget 2019?


I am pleased to rise today and also have the chance to respond to balanced budget 2014, recent Tuesday that our Federal government is shown to the House this. First, I’d like to begin by mentioning that lots of members in this chamber know I am a locally focused MLA and believe in representing the interests of my constituents wherever possible in this chamber.

Therefore, before I begin my response to the budget, I wish to start by acknowledging my staff, my constituency assistants particularly. Bonnie Gavin in Williams Lake and Beverly Harris in 100 Mile House do great work every day, listening to the concerns of my constituents and keeping me informed of what is happening at home.

I would also prefer to thank the effort of the personnel within the Victoria in the east annex – my legislative assistants, communication and research officers and everything-ministerial staff that assist me every day. Of course, I would like to thank the constituents of Cariboo-Chilcotin. I’d like to particularly say thanks to them for almost all their words and letters of encouragement in our effort to aid the New Prosperity project in my constituency. That is British Columbia’s second consecutive well-balanced budget to be delivered by our Premier, and this is one of our most crucial accomplishments we have made under her leadership.

Our balanced budget fulfills the most fundamental promise we made to British Columbians: balance the budget by keeping fees low and controlling spending. I am proud to be always a member of a government that believes that fiscal responsibility is one of the most crucial priorities inside our work. However, challenging choices had to be made to achieve this goal.

While some choices were unpopular, these were the right ones to make. It was a difficult challenge to balance the budget in a time when global economic uncertainty is still present. Governments round the global world continues steadily to face issues to get their fiscal house to be able. But through tough choices and prudent planning, we achieved this goal – to accomplish our commitments to keep British Columbia in the black.

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This is an incredibly proud second for these authorities and for the members of this side of the House. Instead of reckless spending and guarantees to more and more people and so many special interests, today would be squandered by the party currently sitting in opposition our fiscal position that we enjoy. How should we summarize Budget 2014? It’s balanced; it’s boring.

That’s just about it. But I really do support this budget and the goals of our authorities completely, offered by the Minister of Finance. As the budget itself, defined by the minister as boring, in all honesty, that is exactly the type of budget that British Columbia needs. We have made the investments that ensure services delivered by the province continue steadily to meet the demands and needs of British Columbians across the province. Minister ago said a few days, which is that people are putting B.C.

This authorities believe in managing spending and reducing Federal government waste materials wherever we can. Strong fiscal self-discipline by our Federal government ensures that the budget remains well balanced for the next three years by keeping a tight rein on spending, particularly by controlling development in expenditures and ministry budgets on a continuous basis.

184 million in the 2014-15 fiscal calendar year is not a big surplus by any measure. However, by reviewing the budget of the province over a continuing basis, we will ensure that when the budget is shown next year, the fiscal position remains well balanced. The work conducted by the Minister for Primary Review so is paying off considerably. This year, 50 million have been found, and we will continue steadily to conduct the task necessary to find savings wherever possible without reducing service for the most vulnerable British Columbians.