What Else Should I Be Doing? 1

What Else Should I Be Doing?


I transformed 35 not that way back when, and for some reason that seems like a big milestone in my financial landscaping (30 years to 65 I guess). I generally feel pretty good about our financial picture and have reviewed the Prime Directive and related sidebar advice. My spouse and I have been extremely lucky (and proved helpful hard) and are deeply thankful for what we have.

But I’m thinking about what else we should focus on to safeguard our family and future. 240k still left on the mortgage at 4% (30-year fixed). The property needed just a little work, so we put just a little less down than we’re able to have and proceeded to go 30-year to do some short-term renovations, so we’re at like 89% LTV.

200k pre-tax (some compensation is performance-centered). I make more than my spouse right now, but my partner is a little youthful than me, and their profession will probably progress and bring their income up appropriately within the next 5 years (and hopefully beyond). We try not to plan on that However.

Long-term cost savings: I have been extremely fortunate in that my parents did well for themselves and thought we would help with college. Additionally, I didn’t pursue expensive higher education beyond my bachelor’s (was simply finished with school), and they gifted me some money to begin saving because of this early. 5k in a HSA we started lately. We’re maxing out my 401k and getting the match for spouse, and maxing both IRAs. With aggressive keeping for our home we’ve not had the opportunity to make brokerage investments this season, but I hope to continue that. We’re intense in stocks at about 90/10 percentages with wide market publicity.

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  2. When investment income is distributed, the dividend will be a non-eligible dividend
  3. Network performance requirement
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  6. Decision Management

I expect these figures will dsicover some rocky days before my 30s are away seeing as the market is at an all time high, but we won’t touch this money if the marketplace tanks even. Should I focus on making extra mortgage payments or investing? At 4% it would appear the smart move long term would be to place on the market, which would outperform savings on the mortgage.

Once we take care of maxing taxes advantaged cost savings vehicles, where could we turn to make our money work for all of us more? I feel like investing in a company / investment property is a little of a stretch at this time. Do people prepare for bringing a kid into the family because they build up a fund for this? How much if so? Haven’t found many books with this.