11 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs 1

11 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs


To the outside world, creating posts for social media may appear easy. Marketers and brands across the world know there’s more to social media content creation and editing than meets the attention. From choosing the perfect image to stand for your viewpoint, to writing updates with the perfect hashtag and tone of voice Twitter, here are some tools to help you along the way.

Once you’ve searched for a hashtag, you can determine its popularity and exactly how it’s used. The tool is easy to use: in the top right-hand corner, type in a hashtag you are interested in, and search to discover its performance and related hashtags. You’ll also see the top influencers for the hashtag, as well as recent tweets using that hashtag.

Paid users can sign up for alerts on particular hashtags, monitor influencers and use patterns, and more. If your business utilizes LinkedIn to talk about updates, SlideShare is crucial. Once a separate site, SlideShare is now possessed by LinkedIn. This allows the eye-catching presentations and images added to SlideShare to be automatically synced to the platform.

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By integrating both of these platforms, you can have the best of both worlds: beneficial text message articles and improvements from LinkedIn and the captivating images of SlideShare. Sharing presentations, eBooks, infographics, and more is always a good idea, and the platform allows you to press a button to distribute these to Facebook simply, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also embed your SlideShare presentation on your website using IFrame or WordPress shortcodes (depending which platform you utilize). Finally, you may take things to another level with SlideSnack. This tool gives you to include your tone of voice overlay to your content.

The tool also gives you to upload previous presentations and add tone of voice to them, then discuss them on YouTube or Facebook or embed them on websites such as Weekly, Blogger, WordPress, and more. Grammarly can be an all-in-one spellcheck and sentence structure tool that work all the places Microsoft Word can’t.

It helps users write mistake-free copy on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else on the web almost. Scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes Grammarly, including from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. In addition, it goes beyond regular checking to provide users for explanations and help them enhance their skills. The Grammarly plugin is free for specific users, with paid features available also. Asking questions is a great way to earn engagement on social media. But sometimes asking one question isn’t enough to get the response you want from your audience. That’s where Typeform will come in.