The Skin MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS That Ended My 6-month Acne Battle


The last 6 months have been a roller-coaster trip for my epidermis and my feelings. AFTER I encounter a negative breakout, I’d always go for my trusted acne skin care collection, Mario Badescu; I just use it for just one month directly and I’m all good. My hubby observed my breakouts; I didn’t feel really good about my face that I sleep with my back towards him because I didn’t want him getting up to a face full of zits. YOU ARE BAD FOR MY LOVE LIFE LOL!

In my recent acne saga, I noticed that there were some specific products that stood out and did a lot of good to my skin so I went back, took to be aware of everything, and shaped a customized skin care routine. THANK GOODNESS THIS TECHNIQUE WORKED! For cleansing, I used Althea Korea’s Contour Cleanser; this product from Althea’s pilot skin care collection is very moisturizing and calming to the skin; it has a minty fresh effect also.

Oil- Free Matte Cream. I used spot treatment seriously in the last 6 a few months; I still used Mario Badescu Drying Lotion because this stuff has always been effective on me. When traveling, I bring CosRX Pimple Patches; this works even on cystic acne. A week Twice, I scrub with St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

It’s a good old favorite and I thought, why not get back to this common? The last product I incorporated in my routine was The Votary’s Salicylic Acid 2% and Tamanu Oil; THESE THINGS IS AMAZING. I used it once and right away, my two fresh cystic acne areas were flattened immediately; day two by, they were almost dead; day three by, these were dead.

Take note, I didn’t have to see all the stinging, burning feelings that 2% salicylic acid usually has; Imma blog about this real soon! This stuff is major love! Acne, please don’t come back in the next a decade! P.S. In the event that you experience hormonal/seasonal acne, this skin-care routine may work for you but please be wary of personal sensitivities and allergies. If you have genetically- induced acne and sensitive skin, please see your dermatologist prior to trying out some of my recommendations. Have you tried any of these products already? What exactly is your go- to anti-acne skin care products?

  • Glycerin as an all natural Scrub
  • Upper Respiratory Virus
  • Never ignore to exfoliate your skin and take away the makeup before calling it a night
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (approximately)
  • Natalie Pergar, Lead Skin Care Trainer

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