STEPS TO MAKE A Successful YouTube Channel


There is no doubt that the web overall and sociable media specifically have made the world a smaller place. Underneath this Uber trend of social mass media as a global information and community power is a sub-trend of how visuals, and not simply words, are taking over the digital sphere. At Rival IQ, we see thousands of companies come through our bodies, and a year ago, nearly 100% of those setup their accounts with a normal Website URL.

Over days gone by year, however, we’ve seen a growing number of “entities” use YouTube stations as their “homepage” or main URL. Clearly, YouTube (and other visible channels like Instagram) are playing an extremely important role in social media, particularly if you are targeting consumers. We queried our database to find the 50 most engaging YouTube videos in Rival IQ (which means that a user has created a landscape that includes this YouTube channel). The results validated a couple of things: You are that the millennial generation rules the airwaves.

The second is that it really is a little world in the end. The social video content that is winning the hearts and minds of individuals around the globe is personal, not political or corporate, and funny usually, but sometimes, heartwarming. Let’s dig into the most engaging YouTube videos and then look beyond the videos to what these folks and organizations are doing to create a strong subsequent and community on sociable mass media. 1. Tomorrowland 2012-Official Aftermovie: With over 116 Million views, this video is taking the globe by surprise still.

Tomorrowland 2012 is part of an incredible musical celebration series. Videos for TomorrowWorld 2014, to be kept in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, are garnering hundreds of thousands of views already. This Belgian-based company saw market chance to bring European electronic dance music (EDM) to the U.S. 2. PewDiePie A Funny Montage: With an increase of than 56 million views and almost a million wants, this is just one of actually many PewDiePie videos that are earning the YouTube viewer battle.

From his YouTube route: “I’m only a guy from Sweden who loves to giggle and make other people laugh. Sharing gaming occasions on YouTube with my bros! You can sign up to his channel to “become a Bro”. And the Bros are clearly enjoying this. Overall, this Swedish YouTube star has over 30 million subscribers to his channel and has already established more than 5 billion views of his videos. PewDiePie has increased to YouTube conqueror through his video-game commentary, ridiculous antics, and by obviously knowing his audience. Wikipedia calls him a “YouTube Celebrity” – showing the rise of a fresh genre of celebrity.

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He’s also earned multiple accolades, including 2013 Most Popular Social Show and the Teen Choice Awards for Web Star in the Gaming category. 3. Epic Rap Battles of History: Barack Obama is Mitt Romney: Okay, I must admit that this is the best. Yes, I really like rap, and these guys are brilliant in the way they tell a story and weave in real background with hysterical rhymes. While this video is not G-rated, they have figured out how to bring history to the cultural people. This specific video has 95 million views and 700 nearly,000 Likes. Like PewDiePie, this is merely among the many videos this ERB route has achieved tens of millions of views and loves.

The group creates rapper face-offs between business people, like Gates or Jobs; civil rights market leaders, such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King; bizarre combinations, like Mario Bros vs. Wright Marilyn or Bros Monroe vs. Cleopatra;, and sportsmen, like JORDAN vs. Muhammad Ali (featuring funny men Key & Peele – who have their own most engaging video with Substitute Teacher). I’ll alert you, you begin to view these once, it’s hard to stop.

4. Five Seconds of Summer: She Looks So Perfect: I’ll admit that I’m having trouble distinguishing one boy band from the next. However, give these four Australian teenagers credits, as their debut and video record, “She Looks So Perfect” is owning YouTube. With over 72 million views and nearly 700,000 likes, this video increased to the top ranks is the past six months just. While their channel, 5SOSVEVO, has under 2 million subscribers, their videos are getting the views and love throughout the global world.

5. Homeless Man Gets a Home by MagicofRahat: That is an excellent tearjerker. Magic of Rahat found surprising social fame by posting what seemed to be an innocuous video about giving a homeless man a “winning” lottery ticket. The video proceeded to go viral on YouTube, Reddit, and online news media. This is a great exemplary case of how the world will come together to make one person’s life just a little better, thereby making us all just a little bit better. Now, let’s take a look at the YouTube channels behind these videos and see what we should can find out about engagement and social media best practices.

These YouTube superstars aren’t using YouTube by itself to attain their supporters and create a strong community. Even as we can below see, every one of these channels has a presence on at least four other social networks also. At Rival IQ, we track six networks, and the only place the YouTube stars don’t have a profile is LinkedIn.