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“The four most dangerous words in investing are ‘This time it’s different.’”-Sir John Templeton, a nuanced approach tells us that times tend to be different yet. The current talk about a recession may be one of those different times. Many factors will be the same with identifying a recession however the causes seem to change. A direct effect has been got with the credit crunch on the true economy, but also for what seems like the longest time the sectors outside the housing industry have been doing reasonable well.

Consequently, some of the models that try and provide a possibility of a recession never have sent clear indicators of the potential recession. The quantitative approaches are in some instances being more cautious then opinions of market analysts. The yield curve probability model shows much different results than what economists are thinking. Up until come early july the yield curve was flat to somewhat inverted and had been calling for a larger than 20% probability of recession for almost a yr.

It was almost addressing the point that the yield curve model was offering a false signal. Only are we getting the slowdown that has been expected now, but the steepening of the curve now makes the probabilities start to change and move to a low chance of a tough economy. By this gauge the Fed has reacted and has used action which will change the course of the real overall economy by the end of the year. More complex downturn possibility models are showing blended results. The Jeremy Piger style of recession possibility has inched up but is nowhere close to levels that would suggest that we are in a downturn. Piger is a former economist at the St Louis Fed.

Coincidently, the other model used to forecast recession probabilities is also by a former economist from the St Louis Fed, Michael Dueker, who’s now at Russell Investments. He developed a qualitative VAR model for recession forecasts and finds a higher probability that is above his threshold for a recession.

His approach utilizes a business cycle index with a vector autoregressive model to find recession possibility forecasts. He uses GDP development, core CPI inflation, the slope of the yield curve and the Fed money rate. The fed money rate and the slope of the produce curve are common to all of the models therefore the action is in the fundamental data.

He notes that there surely is a difference with a downturn recognition model which have not shown high probabilities and tough economy prediction models like his that are giving clear signals. Everything you do find is that tough economy probability models can move from low or no possibility to an extremely high number in an exceedingly short time.

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The possibility of downturn is also predicated on the data used because there just aren’t that lots of recessions to look at. Each one may have unique features because of its cause, but if you leave off a few of the data from the 1970’s you will get different probabilities. The nice thing about these kinds of models is that they truly provide a quantitative way of measuring a recession chance and could possibly be the basis for meaningful discussion on the particulars of what makes this time different. Unfortunately, the figures are truly leaning to a recession of how you slice the data regardless.

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