DFW Investment Property


3. 3 duplexes in NW Arlington – good stable area. per month 800. Not on MLS. 17. 8 Units in Fairmont Historic area. 875,000 – one additional great deal to develop more units. SINGLE FAMILY RENTAL – Here are ISD’s that I’m focusing on for properties under market value and in COMP range.

These areas have been popular with renters and tend to rent quickly. 1. Keller ISD – Solid area and continues to be constant for finding and leasing opportunities. 2. Mansfield ISD – Homes will be a bit more expensive here but rental market remains solid and you will get higher rents.

3. Plano ISD – Always popular, won’t find many new builds however in between the Tollway and I-75 is popular for renters. 4. Northwest ISD – In NW Ft Worth, good universities and a lot of new builds. The area lacks substantial retail but that is coming. 5. Frisco ISD – Starting to stabilize but higher prices – worthy of following to find out if some deals pop-up. 6. McKinney ISD – Comparable to Northwest ISD – lower costs homes and consistent rents makes it a favorite choice. Great exposure for your premises. The flat charge is for listing the house. Showings, negotiations, contract issues, etc are dealt with immediate with you and the buyer. If you want information on this program, please call or email.

  1. Any appraisals
  2. You must live in the United States for more than half of the tax year
  3. Mortgages (receivable) held straight
  4. The returns distributed by other equivalent financial products
  5. Producer Education
  6. 1/10-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs

Therefore, in a way, it would be more appropriate to define net investment as the web addition to the stock of capital like the maker and durable consumer goods. Capital here means accumulation in the stock of plant and equipment held by business units. It is therefore, clear that for economic growth, that is, if the economy is to grow as time passes its capital stock must also grow.

Private investment (induced investment) depends upon the marginal efficiency of capital and the rate of interest. The marginal efficiency of capital, in turn, is dependent upon future objectives which fluctuate violently. Hence, private investment becomes highly capricious and it is very low, when in fact, it ought to be very high. Prospective entrepreneurs continue comparing the marginal efficiency of capital with the interest and opt to invest only when the previous is greater than the later.

There will be no investment if the interest is greater than the MEC. Classical economists viewed investment as influenced by the interest; this to them was an important lever by which investment in the system was regulated. This is why they relied seriously on the rate of interest to control fluctuations too. They always held that by manipulating the interest, stability in the economic system could be restored.

Keynes also honored this view and thought in the efficacy of the interest in resolving the issue of cyclical fluctuations. But later on, he noticed its weaknesses and ceased giving it undue importance as cyclical stabilizer. Keynes understood that investment depended more on the mental factors like the marginal efficiency of capital and not on the interest; as a result, it was relegated to the backdrop. It is, no doubt, true that the marginal efficiency of capital is among the most main determinant of investment yet the influence appealing cannot be overlooked as both go to determine it.