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It was a fab time getting our nails done and going to a photoshoot that Tifa Reed Hilton was in soon after, photographed by Jason Tamvakis. It had been so relaxing being on the set of a photoshoot and having the opportunity to relax and not do Makeup for the take. It had been a time of being around what we love the most which is People just, beauty and photography.

Also I would have liked it easily hadn’t had to undergo the whole opera house on those events when I had a need to go back to an area and get an object. I must say i wish that they’d devote some trapdoors and magic formula passages. Also, this is Phantom of the Opera! There must be trapdoors and top secret passages everywhere! This is unquestionably my favourite thing about the game.

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The graphics and the artwork in the overall game is merely BEAUTIFUL. It has stunning visuals and I adored all the attention to fine detail significantly. I especially loved that it was all hand-drawn which there wasn’t any CGI. I’ve stood outside the Opera Garnier (I didn’t get to go inside unfortunately). That opera house is in the middle of Paris and I certainly didn’t see any spooky-looking woods close by!

But since this image looks so cool I’ll let them off. Another hallmark of a great Phantom adaptation is that, when you see relatively little of the Phantom himself even, there’s still a ghostly atmosphere and his existence is still quite definitely in the storyplot. This game captured that very well. Finally, I LOVED how the Phantom appeared in this version. He has an awesome, creepy face mask! The music in the overall game is good and helps and eerie to develop the atmosphere.

There’s plenty of tube organ music plus some effective sound effects. There’s blowing wind whistling through the corridors, rats squeaking, creaky floorboards and footsteps but there’s nothing that’s overpowering or distracting. However, there’s a brief flashback where you listen to Christine performing to the opera house and now I come to think about it I’d liked some more singing and opera music in the game.

I guess there should be rights problems with that but if they could have handled it it could have been nice. The tone of voice actors were good and they sounded like specialists. Erik sounded arrogant, menacing and possessive and I must say i liked that. Another big thing which i liked about this game were the references to other Phantom works. There have been a number of direct estimates from Gaston Leroux’s book in it for example. There’s a little where the Phantom says “I am Erik!” and another little bit where he says “Know that I am built up of death check out foot”.

There was another immediate quote from the reserve too when Erik sarcastically says “I am some sort of Don Juan, you know”. Yay for book quotes! There were a few musical recommendations as well which I really loved even. There’s a bit where in fact the Phantom says to Evelina “I am your Angel of Music! Come if you ask me” and another little bit where in fact the Phantom says “I gave you music”. They are obvious recommendations to the initial Andrew Lloyd Webber music. We get plenty of other visible Phantom recommendations in this game also.

There are rock angels, skulls, roses, mirrors, masks, scorpions, nooses, a gothic cemetery and a chapel/chapel (a Perros reference), a monkey music container and Box Five. We get references to non-Phantom things even! There are a library in the opera house and on one bookshelf there will be the books Les Miserables, THE GIRL in White, The Picture of Dorian Gray as well as the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. In a single puzzle there are a poster of the Broadway/West End musical Wicked.