Conflict Management Style: Accounting For Cross-National Differences


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M. Teresa Mendoza is a faculty associate at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Deepti Bhatnagar is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. Jianfeng Li is a Professor of Organizational Behavior in the People’s University of China’s College of Business Administration. Mari Kondo is an Associate Professor of Asian Institute of Management in Manila. Jin-Lian Luo is an Affiliate Professor in the educational school of Economics & Management, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. Jun-Chen Hu is an Affiliate Teacher in the educational college of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

But how will you know who’s reliable? After all, there is a complete lot of bad info out there, as well as your fees are essential to risk taking bad advice too. Have a look at these four online suggestions for where you might get good tax information. Does the basic idea of spending time on the IRS website make you uncomfortable?

Sure, most small business owners haven’t any great love for the IRS, but if you have questions about taxes, there’s no better place to start than the IRS website. The IRS is responsible for implementing the U.S. Just about any tax question or tax form are available on the IRS website. If the fine print can appear overwhelming Even, this is still the best spot to go if you have tax questions ranging from the mundane to the extreme. Keep in mind: The IRS is not “the theif.” In the end, the IRS is made up of everyday people who wish to do their jobs and follow the guidelines and get things done effectively.

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So if there’s ways to make filing easier for you so they can ultimately go back home 5 minutes early, they’ll be happy to inform you of it. Check out the IRS’s FAQ and their Help & Resources web page for questions about submitting, penalties, obligations, refunds and more. If you feel confused by the IRS website, can’t find the answers to your unique tax question or have a complicated and potentially costly taxes problem that requires assistance, try looking into the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service.

This can be an business that is area of the IRS but also serves as some sort of internal “watchdog” to be a voice for taxpayers and protects taxpayers’ rights. The Taxpayer Advocate Service has an intensive “Get Help” section where you can get information on a wide array of tax problems and how to solve them.

You can learn things such as how to set up an installment agreement or payment arrange for paying off unpaid taxes, how to state various tax credits and the way to connect to the IRS during an audit. Are you experiencing a favorite tax preparation software or company that you like to use each year to document your fees? Companies like H&R Block will often answer your tax questions on Facebook and can sometimes hold occasions to offer useful workshops about specific tax topics.

You don’t have to hold back for these occasions, though. Post a question Just, and they should reach it in no right time. You can even check out online articles and answers about taxes questions from H&R Block or TurboTax. Occasionally, if you follow tax preparation companies or financial planning experts on Facebook or Twitter, you can get invited to special groups and communities that host dedicated chats or hangouts to truly get you on the right course.