Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Alana would always cover her mouth when she laughed, she’d look away when she smiled always and would always fold her hands like she actually is sealing away a key she has to hide each time she wears short sleeves. I pondered why she did these things always, it was like she was concealing her beauty and uniqueness. When she laughs her mouth widens and showcases her pearly white teeth, and her face scrunches up, which will make her eyes become little folds of joy.

When this gal smiles, oh my gosh it is similar to the heavens have exposed and are lighting her face up. There is genuine happiness when she smiles, a beauty unlike others. “Hey! Alana wait around up!” I yelled up to her and trotted aside of her up. She was going to head down the stairs to meet with her friends.

” She asked with a puzzled look spreading across her face. A ‘s kind of personal. “Why do you hide your smile and chuckle so much? The portrayed words rushed out my mouth area and I observed her cosmetic manifestation change significantly. She went from smiling and looking at me to avoiding eye contact directly, fidgeting with her sleeve, and walking at a faster pace.

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She ended a few paces forward. Her posture demonstrated discomfort as though she was forcing herself to show back again around and answer my question. Walking up if you ask me she rolled up her sleeves and pointed to the marks. Her voice cracked and I could sense the hesitation. She was cleared by her throat. “I smile too wide, my laugh is obnoxious, and my arms have scars that disgust me. I can’t look at myself without having regrets with wanting to change something. I cover my arms because it continues people from requesting questions that will harm me! Nobody knows what their question do if you ask me. They break me. I’m brittle.

Her tone of voice softly trailed off and her eyes allowed a few tears to escape and trail down her cheek. I reached to clean them off but she quickly forced my sleeve covered hands away. ” I couldn’t string together a sentence that could express my guilt. I didn’t know. I am so sorry. But you are wished by me to learn this, you are beautiful.

Every have a good laugh and every smile you make is way better and more astounding than the last. Your arms tell your tale, which makes you more unique and wonderful even. I’m not saying the nice reason you have them is good, I’m saying they tell your story. Silence hung in the fresh air. It felt as if time stood still. Suddenly, she became popular and I called after her. She must’ve known what I was going to say, because before I possibly could say anything, she yelled, “Well, beauty is within the optical vision of the beholder Hun.

It was a significant story! You can find lessons to be learned from it right now. Thanks for your comment. These were not real. That said, it was the center wrenching to watch what happened to him and the story plot, while fictitious, does have a lesson. When man inhibits character times the email address details are bad often.

We are killing off varieties due to intent or ignorance. Thanks a lot for your votes and comment. Peggy, I have not watched Ruler Kong movie but have heard a complete great deal about it. Despite its success and everything I am certain the Chimpanzee in the movie must have been through lots of torture and must be cursing your day he came in contact with humans. Very touching. Voting it and interesting up.

While computer animation and filming procedures have become improved and appearance so realistic these days, the old movies such as the original King Kong are still fun to watch. Happy that brought good thoughts for you back again. Thanks for your comment. I believe that the King Kong movie is one of those iconic ones and the remakes have all been fairly true to the original, with enhancements of course.