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Recently, Sasa invited me to their K-beauty events to share with all of you some of my tips and tricks to creating the Korean makeup look! So here’s a few of the photos from the two-day event! Or you can pop by the Facebook recording to view all! HAHAHA but I’m going to share with you SOME tips down the road this post so continue reading!

Day One was on the Saturday, at Bedok Mall! And Day Two was at Punggol Waterway Point’s Saga! Hope you spotted yourself in another of the pictures above! Anyway, through the shows, I’ve shared with you the detail by detail on how to create the Korean makeup look EASILY with the SECRETS by Sasa!

One arranged from Cyber Colors, and another place from Chosungah22! Cyber Colors arranged includes Cushion 2-step Lip Paint, 24-hr Eyeliner Duo, Cushion Aurora Eye Cushioning, and Container Blusher! This set is from the Argan Glam series, this means each product is infused with Argan oil which really helps to intensively hydrates your skin!

It’s two-sided, one side with tinted lip balm, and the other side with lip paint! You can just apply the tinted lip balm on your lip area first, and the lip color on the internal aspect of your lip area then! Blend it out to easily create the gradient lips! This is actually the Chosungah22 set!

Chosungah22 is a brand created by the leading makeup artist in Korea, Chosungah! She definitely understands what some of the aches us young ladies have while endeavoring to recreate the Korean makeup look, so her products are actually VERY EASY to use, for beginners even! This is my FAVOURITE from Chosungah22!

  • Prime eye with Stila Primer Pot in Taffy (or your favorite primer)
  • Essence My Skin moisturizer + Essence My Skin nurturing cleansing clean
  • Rich Moisture
  • How to improve Dark Spots on Face with Honey Treatment
  • 6 years back from Mississauga, ON
  • A telephone call support from the manufacturer in any concerns
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Could a President serve for further than two terms

Jello Color Kit Eyeshadow! Just look at the shades! It’s the type of like plasticine if you touch it with your finger! Due to the texture, the pigments are extremely picked up by a sponge applicator easily, departing NO EYESHADOW FLAKES on our encounters! No more flaking of eyeshadows with this! It is also very blendable and incredibly easy to use!

Except it’s more glittery so it’s perfect to use on the center of your eyelid for a pop of glitter/color! To start off your base makeup, Chosungah22 has this awesome foundation called C&T Blend! As you can tell from the packaging above, you can twist to the befitting foundation and remaining for the HONEY SERUM! The serum really helps to give that person a glow, so if you like dewy, glowing makeup, twist out more of the honey serum, and combine in with some of the foundation! To get more coverage, twist out more of the foundation. Like the picture above, just mix them together and apply on that person!

Step 2 – Eyebrows! Chosungah22 has an extremely unique brow product called the brow maker! The brow mascara mind itself has two parts, the sponge tip AND mascara tip, for all of us to establish our brow shape using the brow gel, as well as layer our brows with brow mascara! T So gorgeous in my makeup collection! Anyway, this is their solemnizing mascara with an extremely big and ‘fluffy’ brush head which help to reach directly into our lashes, if they are very thin and sparse even!