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Athlete & General Skin Care


It astonishes me how many individuals are misinformed about proper skin care products for fitness/athletic lifestyles. As I read forums, Yahoo Answers and creditable periodicals even, I am astonished at the product recommendations made. Some of these are innocent opinions of people, who have entitlement to discuss their opinion, but usually add that the product is alright, or are not that happy with their skin. Some are doctors even, who don’t lead athletic life-style. Most individuals are just down right confused about what is the best cleanser for after a good work out or before a workout. A moisturizer for an athletic lifestyle.

When one works up a sweat via a raised heart rate from a 3-4 mile run or one hour of weight lifting, those essential oil producing sebacious glands are in over drive. The avid exerciser also produces more lifeless epidermis cells which is comparable to saran cover, a translucent finish on the skin invisible by eye, not removed properly and frequently can lead to skin dullness, dryness and acne. Sure, it was suggested an apricot scrub is excellent.

Apricot seed products are known to abrade delicate epidermis tissue, you should definitely used frequently even. But, hey, its no more than 6 bucks for a large jar from it. Invest in the skin. Its the most largest and noticeable organ of your body. Let me start with cleansers. A staple to a sweaty post workout cleanse. A lot of the suggested cleansers for after a workout are produced in higher quantities brands that anybody can use, including sedentary life-style. Currently, I noticed a drug store brand that simply added the term “sport” after the word cleanser.

It lists a short amount of ingredients, synthetic and chemicals with parabens mostly. But, the overall consumer will choose the product because its only five or eight bucks and the packaging and graphics are attractive to the eye. Over time, its expensive to buy cheap. Many of these cleansers include a higher amount of drinking water than active ingredients so the source lasts a very little time, before it is well known by you, you are working back to the drug store to buy more. Also, although they make strong claims as “deep pore cleansing” and “keeps your skin layer worry clear of working out”, the formula of ingredients don’t come even close to achieving these claims.

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Then we have the brands the department stores carry. The thing is, there is absolutely no such thing as “department store brands”. Another misleading statement to the consumer who thinks if they’re purchasing skin care products at a extravagant section store with a high price tag they are doing their athletic skin a good thing.

These brands rent space from the department store. And they pay big bucks to take action, which in the end the buyer actually will pay for as well as for the extravagant corrugated packaging and sophisticated glass jars and containers. Ask the person behind the counter what she/he would recommend for acne induced by exercise, and for certain, they will recommend an over-all cleanser for acne; period.