La Vita è Bella 1

La Vita è Bella


I’ll start with this, I absolutely adored this class. I could honestly say I looked forward to 9:30 Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Not merely do I really like literature, however the overall atmosphere in the class, generated from Professor Migano-Brady, was as involved as a high school class, but covered college material.

Because of the I had fashioned a driving force to get involved. I understood from the first day of the the course that I never wished to miss a class. I did not want to feel left out. I was influenced by the passion and energy to get involved. Even some days I would go to class in a bad mood and leave feeling like I just won the lotto. I usually had an urge to find yourself in the debate.

I had a lot to the state about every topic we discussed and could connect truly. I feel like I improved significantly from this class. From this class, not only do I feel linked to the literary community, but I also feel more connected to myself and the world around me.

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That is because the works we protected all deployed the notion of “The Human Condition.” Although I have heard about a multitude of times before, I was asked to interpret it like we were in class never. I also learned factual stuff, such as time periods, authors, and factual statements about certain works of literature. But most I aquired the skill to critical think significantly.

I discovered not and then memorize the facts of schedules, as if you would in a previous background course, but how for connecting the meaning in literature produced to the society around it at that right time. This triggered me to develop as a thinker but also a writer intellectually. Before this program was taken by me, whenever a paper had been compiled by me I usually had writer block because I had been constantly aiming to appear smart.

Now, when a paper is written by me my thoughts flow through my brain just like a melody. I no longer find myself struggling for hours on how to start an introduction. And when I reread my paper designated with a red “A” and “Brava!” I am surprised at how “smart” I actually sound. The importance was discovered by me to become an active reader, and understanding the vocabulary actually.

I also reopened my love of poetry, and music. I noticed that the reason why I memorize track lyrics and interpret them involuntary is because I am an individual. I get frustrated and almost insulted by people who don’t feel this is of the words and claim to “only like music for the defeat.” It is inhumane of these.

That is why I find this estimate is so simple, so substantial yet. There is a lot I am taking with me from English 102. The life-span lessons portrayed through the books I already use. I’ll always remember the importance of light, that everything looks better with the lights off, from “A Streetcar Named Desire.” I’ll always remember the fact that life is a stage, and many people are looking to play off a graphic.

And although I inevitably do the same, not to allow it get the best of me. Because even the strongest & most beautiful people in the world can be broken. Because someone is smiling and laughing on the outside, doesn’t mean they are not dying on the inside. In five years I hope to consider my understanding of myself, as well as the world around me and be a solider in order to find my place in the world. In five years I see myself on the way to become a successful CPA, but this is only an illusion.

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