How Big Brands Create SOCIAL NETWORKING Campaigns 1

How Big Brands Create SOCIAL NETWORKING Campaigns


Ad execs who work for brands that regularly advertise through the Super Bowl often say they start planning for the following year shortly after the winning team heads to the locker room. But also for Fiat, it only took only five to six weeks to put together a social media campaign built around its Super Bowl ad.

Coca-Cola’s social advertising campaign for Coke Zero, “BE ABLE,” required about six months to create. Meanwhile, Ford’s “Doug” spokespuppet campaign took in regards to a year from inception to the bitter end. How achieved it happen? Fiat went to its social press agency, Ignite, asked it to create ideas, and then selected the best one. Ford alsorelied on its agency, Team Detroit, for ideation. But the idea for Coke Zero’s marketing campaign came jointly when Jonathan Mildenhall, VP of global content quality at Coca-Cola, experienced the opportunity encounter with choreographer Jon Chu finally year’s GADGETS Show in Las Vegas. As the three anecdotes suggest, there is no standard process of putting together a cultural-media marketing campaign.

Nate Elliott, VP, and primary analyst at Forrester Research. Whatever the case, a campaign always starts by determining a strategy. Smaller brands outsource their strategy often, but big brands usually formulate one on their own and then solicit ideas from agencies. Elliott says that there’s a land grab going on for such work. In Fiat’s case, the brand solicited many ideas from Ignite and then decided within several days that they liked the “Score a Scorpion” idea.

After deciding on an idea, the next phase of a sociable media marketing campaign is the execution. As mentioned, a very simple campaign can start very quickly – you can create a Twitter accounts or a Facebook Brand Page in a few minutes. However, a far more ambitious work may take months or weeks. With Fiat, one of the hurdles was getting all the “conditions and terms” paperwork routinely involved in a sweepstakes through the legal department. That, and building the marketing campaign on Facebook actually, took about four weeks, says Jim Tobin, chief executive at Ignite. In the old days, you’ll let a campaign loose and that might be that.

But Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertising campaign this year 2010 upped the ante with videos that responded to supporters’ questions and responses. Brian McClary, social and growing press analyst at Ford, recalls that the team was “constantly shooting content” for weeks for the “Doug” marketing campaign. Another difficulty that social press has added is real-time metrics.

Facebook, specifically, is a proponent of such measurements, that offer marketers the insights that could inspire ROI-driven tweaks on the soar. For instance, if the advertising appears to be removing, you can double down on ads for the advertising. McClary, however, says he mainly gathered data through weekly and monthly reports about the campaign’s improvement.

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Elliott says that’s probably the correct approach. Elliott. While marketers like McClary see such data every week and monthly, community managers are looking at it minute-by-minute. Meanwhile, since many campaigns are made to boost the brand, the results that really matter can take months, if not years, to determine. In amount, it’s clear that there’s no consensus on how to perform a social mass media campaign. That and the overflow of would-be experts in interpersonal media make the process needlessly complicated. For all your trouble, though, there’s still not nearly as much profit social mass media as there is certainly in traditional TV. 4.3 billion ad spend. Despite the headaches, the lure of the cultural press is strong, and a marketing expert in 2012 has no choice but to embrace it.

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