Medical Fitness To Drive 1

Medical Fitness To Drive


The holder of a driver’s licence, or a particular class of licence, is required to be fit to operate a vehicle a motor vehicle securely medically. People who declare or have been diagnosed with a condition, or take medication that may affect their ability to operate a vehicle. People over 70 years that have a licence course other than car.

People over 75 years. All motorists are required to report a medical condition that could influence their ability to drive at that time the problem is diagnosed. When confirming a condition, a certificate of fitness (697.4 KB PDF) is required to be completed and posted to Service SA. Doctors are also necessary to record if a patient’s medical condition might impact their ability to operate a vehicle. If you’re trying to get a driver’s licence for the first time and you need a medical examination, Service SA will provide you with a certificate of fitness.

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Your doctor should complete the certificate before your licence can be issued. A previous medical condition is documented that is subject to periodic review. From the age of 75 years and if no previous medical condition is recorded, a self-assessment will be submitted annually to holders of an automobile licence. The self-assessment allows drivers to self-assess their fitness to drive. If the applicant responds “yes” to any questions on the self- evaluation or is uncertain, a ongoing doctor should complete the evaluation.

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