Why Is Natural Skin Care Better? 1

Why Is Natural Skin Care Better?


Skin is your body’s largest organ and your protective barrier. However, that doesn’t suggest it’s impervious or impenetrable. You should be aware of what you’re exposing it to. If you put dangerous elements on your skin layer, they enter your body – where you don’t want them exactly. Consider all the potential irritants that come in touch with your skin – chemical-laden personal hygiene products, fragrances, city-treated water, deodorant; the list continues on and on. Abiding by a natural skin care routine and using natural skin care products will help your skin feel and look healthier than previously. The process of developing and putting a skin-care product on the marketplace is shrouded in mystery.

You might think there are rules in the spot to keep everyone honest but, believe it or not, the meals and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t need to approve what ingredients are added to personal care products. If a company says a component is safe, that’s basically deemed good enough. Unfortunately, many of the “safe” elements in traditional skin care products are endocrine-disrupting phthalates or parabens. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can cause reproductive issues and they’re linked to increased cancer risk.

The more you’re subjected to them, the greater they concentrate in your body. Using pure, organic products and regular body cleansing are a strong fundamental basis to keep you safe and healthy. With a little research and smart shopping, you can find responsibly-made products to help you keep up a clean body and live a healthy lifestyle.

Alternately, one of easy and simple ways to market healthy skin is to make skin care products yourself from inexpensive, natural ingredients soon – more on that. An organic skincare routine is one of the best actions you can take to promote the appearance of your skin layer, and it includes other perks as well. A recent study suggests that using 100 % natural ingredients on your skin layer can address hyperpigmentation and irritation, while another discovered that it can benefit reduce skin damage caused by the sun. Because the oils in your skin to help keep your skin supple and moisturized, choose a natural facial cleanser that removes pollutants but doesn’t strip your skin layer of its natural oils.

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There are many soaps on the market, but organic virgin coconut oil makes a great pores and skin cleanser all on its own. Exfoliating promotes a radiant appearance and you likely already have the elements around your home to make an excellent scrub. Combine olive oil with natural sea salt. Olive oil is a great moisturizer that won’t clog skin pores and the sodium provides enough abrasive action to buff away inactive skin cells.

You can also put in a little lemon juice – the ascorbic acid eliminates bacteria. Constant scrubbing can be irritating, twice weekly can work miracles but once or. Toner can help clear oily skin and unclog pores; it’s a great addition to your beauty regimen. For an effective, natural toner, blend four parts distilled water and 1 part apple cider vinegar in a container.

Apply, with a natural cotton pad or with a spray bottle. Test it on a little section of that person before full application. Organic virgin coconut oil is a superb natural moisturizer that not only boosts the looks of your skin layer but it also stimulates elasticity. Cucumber is another option; the silica in cucumber can be an essential element of healthy connective tissues and a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid. Combine smashed cucumber with organic yogurt and apply as a cover up for 15 minutes.