Ubuntu Tips And Tricks: 8/1/11 1

Ubuntu Tips And Tricks: 8/1/11


Every working system is customizable to a certain extent. Some, reminiscent of Linux, provide an incredibly huge variety of icons and themes, with others, like Mac OSX, not providing much in any respect. One choice, all operating systems have, nonetheless, is the ability to vary the desktop background picture, or wallpaper.

On this instance, Mac OSX shines, as it affords the flexibility to rotate via a folder stuffed with photos at preset intervals, so you’re never looking at the identical image for longer than you need. Linux and Windows, however, don’t offer this means, at least not by default. There are utilities obtainable for each that have this characteristic, and in this text we’ll be speaking about DesktopNova, a utility for Linux. DesktopNova, as mentioned, doesn’t come installed by default (or a minimum of not in Ubuntu or other widespread distributions), however Debian, and Ubuntu users will find it already in their software program repositories.

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Other Linux distributions will need to examine their package deal manager, or obtain the supply code from this page. In Ubuntu, the quickest way to put in DesktopNova is from the Terminal. So first, go to the Applications menu, then Accessories. Once put in, you’ll discover two DesktopNova entries in the same Accessories menu where you discovered the Terminal. To get began, open the first option, leaving DesktopNova-Tray alone (for now). Whenever you open DesktopNova, you’ll see a single window with 4 tabs.

The images tab is first. Here is where you can create profiles (for different users, themes, or occasions), as well as the way you establish which photographs or folders will be used. The second tab, referred to as Settings, is just that. It provides the ability to set the wallpaper change interval, whether or not DesktopNova should change your wallpaper every time you launch it (even if the change interval isn’t full), and whether or not DesktopNova should autostart along with your laptop. Third is the Tray-Icon tab.

There are only two choices here: first is whether or not to start the DesktopNova-Tray utility at launch (which allows you to change the wallpaper manually), and whether a mouse scrolling by way of your wallpaper decisions must be turned off or on. Finally, the Advanced tab. Here you can sort in as many file extension types as you want.

The ones you may have listed will likely be shown, those you leave out will be ignored. So if you have duplicate photos in your folder, some in PNG and others saved as a JPG, you may have DesktopNova show only one or the opposite, so that you don’t get repeats as usually. As mentioned, the DesktopNova-Tray software allows you to move ahead or backward between images, just with a pair clicks (or a flick of the mouse wheel).

You may as well access the DesktopNova preferences, see the about display screen, or give up the tray icon entirely. DesktopNova isn’t an incredibly complicated program. It mainly mimics the desktop wallpaper slideshow potential already present in GNOME, however permits you to choose images from totally different areas, and without modifying any XML files. It’s easy but helpful, and that ought to make it a nice addition for many Linux users.

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