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The USA had become 20 years prior to the film, when King Beast forwent heading on a honeymoon with Queen Belle, in favor of uniting the story book kingdoms. All villains were curved up and booted off the Isle of the Lost; many were revived to suffer a destiny worse than loss of life, by living without magic.

Life in Auradon soon changed after King Beast declared that magic would mostly be retired so the next era would learn to rely independently talents instead of magic. Fairy Godmother was placed in charge of overseeing the use of magic in america; the discontent good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather wanted to use their magic again since they couldn’t perform mundane jobs without magic.

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Auradon was founded out of the existing kingdoms, the kingdoms remained to have their respective rulers and were divided into The 18 Parts of Auradon. Several of these regions were talked about in Melissa de la Cruz’s Isle of the Lost series, including Camelot, Mount Olympus, Eden, and Corona. There’s also places that are not confirmed but implied to exist in Auradon as well. Kristoff is shown in the Auradon Cathedral, suggesting Arendelle is part of Auradon. Mary Poppins’ umbrella sometimes appears in Dr. Facilier’s shop on the Isle, once again recommending heroes from Mary Poppins can be found in Auradon as well.

An island jail off the coast that is inhabited by the most infamous villains ever known. The administrative centre city of Auradon where many tourist destinations can be found. A boarding college where in fact the descendants of Disney’s most well-known Heroes and Villains attend. A lake in the woods of Auradon, where Ben takes Mal on the date.

It is first stated in the prequel publication, seen in a desire by Mal. A rock is included because of it floor with a pillar. The lake is described in the junior novel as getting the color of jade. A chapel of Auradon and the place where Prince Ben was crowned ruler. Museum of Auradon and where Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand and along with other valuable items are guarded. Home to Peter Pan and located east coastline of Auradon.

It have been mentioned in School of Secrets by Lonnie when she says, “Girl from Neverland lost this”. Home of the heroes from Alice in Wonderland. Home to Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Phoebus. Located near Mount Olympus. Home to King Queen and Beast Belle. It is introduced in Beauty as well as the Beast.

It is located near Rapunzel’s Tower. Home to Zeus and the Gods along with The Mighty Hercules, Megara, Herkie, Pegasus, and Philoctetes. In School of Secrets, Jane talked about this accepted place while doing a quiz. Located south coast of Auradon and named after King Charming. Home to Snow White and the Prince combined with the Seven Dwarfs. Located South-West of Auradon and named after Queen Cinderella. Home to Cinderella, Prince Charming, Grand Duke, Gus and Jaq, and Chad. Home to Tiana, prince Naveen, Ray, Louis, and Mama Odie. Located east of Auradon and near Neverland. Home to Sultan Aladdin, Sultana Jasmine, Genie, Magic Carpet, Abu, Jordan, and Aziz. It stocks borders with Northern Wei.

Home to Tarzan, Jane Porter, and Professor Porter. Located in the Boundary Faraway or Lands. Home to Shanti and Mowgli and other villagers. Home to Queen Rapunzel, King Flynn Rider, Maximus, Pascal, Pub Thugs, Anxelin and her sister Ruby and their Royal Family. Previously, it was the Kingdom of Corona.