Last month, I went to and was shown at the DFW Nonprofit Communicators Conference in Feet here. The sessions that interested me the most were on social media policies/guidelines and crisis communications. 1. There’s an improvement between social mass media policies and guidelines: plans protect the organization and employee while suggestions should give the rules for how to act.

2. Create commenting/posting disclaimer for networks and define the difference between personal/professional use of social media and internet sites for the organization’s perspective. 3. Check the SOCIAL NETWORKING Governance website for examples of corporate and business and nonprofit social media guidelines or the web Policy Tool for Social Media to get started. 4. What makes a good sociable media guideline/policy for an organization?

According to Presley, the ones that at their primary tell employees to be honest, stick to the message, and do not be stupid. 1. In a crisis, you must determine audience understanding: media relationships, community relations, employee relations among the top concerns. 2. Develop realistic (and reassuring) communications based on audience concerns. Establish credibility with fast honesty. 3. Get pre-approved for a few “boilerplate” messaging, press releases, information bulletins, safety warnings, and apologies. Bonus takeaway for Dallas/Fort Worth nonprofits: Pay close attention to progress/plans from Stacy Caldwell and her team at Dallas Social Venture Partners. Great stuff. Stacy was the meeting luncheon keynote loudspeaker and comes with an infectious drive and desire for interesting philanthropists and buying nonprofits for social innovation and the normal good.

These are scenarios that will pit self against personal. Consider: You will be ineffective and personally miserable in virtually any position that requires you to disregard core values. Offering something that is disagreeable is a blow to your integrity individually. How will you sell the professionalism of someone willing to turn a blind eye to his own convictions? This definitely qualifies for “rejecting employment offer”.

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A great paycheck that takes you out-of-town — or out of family life by the nature of the sheer number of hours required — may be a risk to your family connections. Yes, getting behind on your mortgage repayment could stress family loyalties as well, but be certain you as well as your spouse (or spouse) are on a single page regarding targets.

Consider: How “temporary” will short-term be? Are there other options that might provide a much better balance to the financial vs. An indefinitely timed strain on familial relationships (and connections to your support system) should be approached with caution. Do you work to live or live to work? Just remember, no one on the deathbed ever wished they spent more time at work.